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Eyes on UK & Ireland

05 September 2017

There aren’t a lot of places where many Kiwis feel more at home than this part of the world. It’s where so many have ancestral roots (Scotland, Ireland, Wales or England). It’s where our farmed and domestic livestock come from, game animals and birds, crops, trees and weeds. Our food, sports, governing systems and lifestyles are also similar in many respects. But over time things have changed; there are now many differences as well as similarities and these are becoming increasingly apparent with globalization. In a way, UK is the bulls eye of change and trends. So what is going to happen to our traditional markets for our export products? Do people really prefer organic and local supply, what is happening with Brexit? Where does NZ fit in? Are we doing enough marketing and getting our ‘NZ story’ across? What does the consumer want to know about animal welfare and environmental issues? What about the long term future of agricultural chemicals and fertilisers? How precise is precision farming, what will robotics and digital technology mean to our farming future? Will there be supermarkets in the future or on-line platforms connecting producers and consumers? Is artificial meat or milk for real? Are these things just fads? What could we be doing to be ahead of the game? So many questions, join us in June/July 2018 and see if you can figure out a few of the answers on our tour of countries close to the action! We include a lot on this tour, considering the past with an eagle eye to the future. Get in touch and take a look for yourself.

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