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31 July 2019

Don't mention the B words - Brexit, Boris and...

You'd be forgiven if your eyes were starting to glaze over reading yet another Brexit headline but we seem to be getting to the sharp end of things now. Setting off on our annual UK and Ireland farming tour in June, we knew…Read More >


05 November 2018

Spring/Summer News

Check out our latest newsletter for 2018 tours in review and what's in store for you in 2019... Ftfnews Nov18W Read More >

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31 July 2018

A warm welcome to the Scottish Highlands!

Thank you to a few hairy natives and the talented Duncan (below), we certainly felt we were in the 'real deal' Scottish Highlands last month. The weather was pretty amazing and our happy bunch of farmers were treated to some…Read More >

Pav Horses Geoff

21 May 2018

A look at Arab Horses in Argentina

Our travellers to South America have enjoyed taking a close up look at these athletic horses at a farm on the Argentine Pampas. Arab horses are renowned for their endurance and are bred for long distance riding. Read More >

Viking Boat Fiord

11 May 2018

Rural Perspective on Scandinavia

We run a farming tour to Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland each July – a time of year when it is difficult to comprehend Scandinavia’s dark winters while basking in sunshine and long daylight hours! It is interesting to see…Read More >

Calgary People

09 March 2018

Oh Canada!

With the western conifers and majestic Rocky Mountains and lakes of British Colombia and Alberta, right across the prairie to the deciduous forests and lakes of Quebec, Canada is like half a dozen countries rolled into one. In…Read More >

Cows Fresian Eat

05 September 2017

Eyes on UK & Ireland

There aren’t a lot of places where many Kiwis feel more at home than this part of the world. It’s where so many have ancestral roots (Scotland, Ireland, Wales or England). It’s where our farmed and domestic livestock…Read More >

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04 September 2017

New Zealand Spring Touring

The New Zealand spring and early summer months - September to December - are a great time to visit 'Downunder'. Read More >

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