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Rural Perspective on Scandinavia

11 May 2018

We run a farming tour to Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland each July – a time of year when it is difficult to comprehend Scandinavia’s dark winters while basking in sunshine and long daylight hours!

It is interesting to see how the farming community has adapted and transformed into a modern and substantial economic force since the earliest farming settlements way back in Viking days - especially in such a challenging climatic environment. While subsidies play a major role due to a lack of scale and climatic extremes in some instances, the Scandinavian economies are strong thanks to well-established international brands helping drive their economies – think Husqvarna, Maersk, Ikea and Arla Foods – and, in Norway’s case, to North Sea oil supplies.

Norway offers beautiful mountains and fjords, unique alpine farms and wonderful Viking history. Denmark’s progressive pork and cropping industries stand out, as does its sophisticated design. Sweden charms with picturesque lakes, coastlines and attractive farms and gardens. Finland offers something different with forests and lakes as far as the eye can see – some great livestock visits too. Other highlights include an overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, the wonderful cities of Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo and Helsinki and soaking up the rich seafaring heritage. Each of the countries retains its own distinct identity but picturesque countryside, clean and attractive cities, informed friendly people, fresh cuisine and cultures rich in history and innovation flow throughout. What’s more, travellers are made to feel very welcome making it a pleasure to tour the region!