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Oh Canada!

09 March 2018

With the western conifers and majestic Rocky Mountains and lakes of British Colombia and Alberta, right across the prairie to the deciduous forests and lakes of Quebec, Canada is like half a dozen countries rolled into one.

In the western provinces, you certainly feel you are in North America - forestry and fishing, big pick-up trucks, intensive dairy, large-scale cereal and canola production, cowboys and beef feedlots. Whereas, in the east, farms are smaller and the culture more European - sheep and cattle breeding, maple syrup, wine, 500 year-old architecture and the French language all mix to give you an all together different feel. Wandering in the historic centre of Quebec City, you have to remind yourself that you are in Canada and not a French coastal city complete with forts and castles!

Despite the differences in scale, with Canada at nearly 40x the size of New Zealand, we have a much in common - friendly affable locals who welcome overseas visitors; a little brother/big brother relationship with their neighbour to the south as we have with Australia, and of course both countries have a bright young first-time Prime Minister! See Canada with your own eyes - combine stunning scenery and wildlife, interesting cities and a wonderful range of farms and enterprises. With the exciting Calgary Stampede included, and an optional Inside Passage cruise to Alaska, join our next Farm To Farm Tours trip to Canada in June/July 2018 and have the time of your life!